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Company Background

Easy irrigation with grey water

Garden ResQ is a South African company specialising in the manufacture, marketing and sales of the award winning Garden ResQ Grey Water Systems. Garden ResQ is based in Cape Town and have representation in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and all other major centres. We have two products available to the market.

1. Grey water diverter – Maxi – for small and medium size gardens.
2. Grey water diverter – Maxi Pro – for medium to large gardens.

Garden ResQ’s Grey Water Systems (mini unit) was selected as a recipient of the SABS Prototype Awards in 2005. This mini unit has since been improved and is now known as the Maxi.

The potential problems relating to South Africa’s inconsistent rainfall has been a discussion topic on National and Local Government’s agenda for many years. This growing concern resulted in the implementation of water restrictions in the Western Cape during 2004 with areas in the Karoo experiencing their worst drought in 2010. Low dam levels currently highlight the need to further reduce potable water consumption and more drastic measures are now in place in the Eastern and Southern Cape. These measures were aimed at further reducing the consumption of potable water by 20%. A case in point is Beaufort West in the Karoo where dams are dust bowls and municipal boreholes are beginning to run dry. Visitors to the town are requested to donate bottled water to the town for drinking. A crisis with water that is crippling the area’s economy. It could happen anywhere and at any time. We must ensure we are not part of the problem.

Common Mistakes Often Made With Grey Water Systems

By utilising Grey Water (graywater) for garden irrigation, we can effortlessly do our bit and save enormous amounts of potable water. Until recently, very few households have used grey water for irrigation purposes and those households that do, currently make use of primitive systems. These grey water systems may be simple and cheap yet are ineffective and raise both health and environmental concerns:

1. There is often no return to sewer mechanism in case of any blockage in the irrigation process or high chemical cleaner use.

2. Hair, food solids, fats and grease is transferred directly to the garden.

3. Baths and showers back-up and do not drain effectively making flooding with grey water a real possibility in the home.

4. Home built systems rely almost exclusively on gravity and as such have limited irrigation coverage.

5. Grey water may form pools in areas that could lead to water stagnating causing obnoxious odours, the proliferation of bacteria, the breeding of mosquitoes and the growth of dangerous pathogens.

6. Homeowners utilise storage tanks which are not only unsightly but a serious health concern if used incorrectly.

Why Do We Fail To Save Water?

Many South African municipalities have initiated measures to realise a reduction in the current potable water usage, yet we have consistently failed to meet these targets. The possible reasons behind the failure on our part can, amongst others, be attributed to:

1. The high start up costs already incurred by homeowners to plant and maintain gardens which they do not wish to lose due to water restrictions or drought.

2. Water is currently fairly inexpensive and as such there is no concerted effort on the population to save as it does not affect the homeowners pocket adversely. The price of water, like our electricity, is set to increase dramatically this year.


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