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Yes. Both the Maxi Pro and Maxi have been designed for the DIY homeowner market. The DIY handyman will be able to install our grey water systems, in the average home, on a Saturday morning for a difficult installation or within 2 hours for a standard "above ground" installation. The minor plumbing work required is only to connect the unit to the existing down pipes. You dont need to dig up your garden to accomodate ugly storage tanks, lay meters of additional plumbing pipe or hide the unit. We are proud of our units good looks and we are sure you will be too.

Can I install the Grey Water System myself

Do I need to use chemicals to treat my Grey Water

No. As the grey water is used directly from the bathroom and is never stored for long periods, thus this water is relatively pollutant and bacteria free. The grey water is never given a chance to stagnate, reducing the chance of offensive odours and / or bacteria proliferation.
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Grey water is used water from the bath, shower, bathroom sinks. This fairly clean water is ideal for irrigation systems in the garden. Grey water excludes water from the kitchen and toilets - this is called black water or sullage

What is grey water

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Most Cost Effective DIY Grey Water Unit On The Market
For the gardener and water conservationist, Garden ResQ Grey Water Systems have a grey water system second to none called the Maxi.You cannot compare this product for functionality and quality to our competitors. Grey water systems offer the oppertunity, every time you bath or shower or wash your clothes, to get a second chance to use that waste water. And the best  is that itís all automated.