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Both the Maxi and Maxi Pro units have been designed for use with the "pyramid" type sprinkler heads. This type of sprinkler allows for a single large outlet that delivers large water droplets. The large hole in the sprinkler head copes very well with fine debris that is often characteristic of grey water. Grey water irrigation should not incorporate drip irrigation, pop up or mist sprayers - as these consist of very small water exit holes and will block with the use of Grey Water - no matter what you have been told.

What type of irrigation may be used

How much does it cost to run the system

On average, with a family of 4, showering or bathing once a day, the system will cost you approx. R0.06 a day - thats R1.80 per month added to your electricity bill. Your water savings could be as high as 600 litres of water a day.- thats plenty of water for garden irrigation DAILY.
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Automatically Irrigate Your Garden With Bath And Shower Water

Why should you NOT use a grey water storage tank

Garden ResQ never stores grey water as it is illegal in most countries. We follow various international health standards that state that grey water must never be kept for longer than a day. Our recommendation is "Use It Or Loose It ". Stored grey water results in a pathogen bloom that may be a health risk - never mind the terrible odour when left to stagnate. The Garden ResQ Maxi make use a surge tank to allow for larges amounts of water entering the unit initially when the bath plug is pulled or there are more than one inlet serving two bathrooms - but begins diverting water to your garden almost immediatly.
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Garden ResQ grey water diverter - Maxi Pro for medium to large gardens

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